Society has an obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of its most vulnerable members - its children. The physical or sexual exploitation of under-age persons cannot be promoted, defended, or tolerated by any civilized society. 

However, it is possible for a society to become overly zealous in its quest to enact excessive and abusive punitive measures against both "contact" and "non-contact" offenders, including the imposition of lengthy prison terms and post-incarceration supervision as part of a "one-size-fits-all" statutory initiative. 


Unfortunately, incarceration and castigation contribute to an endless cycle of toxic shame for those accused of acting out through inappropriate and illicit internet viewing (non-contact offenses). Like other cognitive maladaptations such as alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling addiction, or overeating protective measures such as criminal prosecution that are designed to safeguard society have the opposite effect by contributing to prolonged addiction. 


Studies prove far greater rehabilitative success through the implementation of cognitive-behavioral therapies rather than the imposition of draconian prison sentences or worse - the branding of a Scarlet Letter through sex offender registration.


Current federal statutes are outdated, ineffective, and counterintuitive, and it is the mission of Justice Initiative USA to revise, reform and RESTORE America's broken system.